New agreement for building between Danico LLC and Mekoprint Ukraine

Only three years after their first visit to Ukraine, the success of Mekoprint comes even more visible.

In the first days of September 2021, DANICO and Mekoprint has signed an agreement where DANICO will build and be the landlord of a NEW 3.600 m2 building, 800 m2 office and 2.800 m2 of production. The buildings will host Mekoprint further development in Ukraine and will be placed on the existing territory of DANCIO LLC, utilizing the infrastructure build by DANICO during the last 20 years in Chernyakhiv.

The work on the new premises for Mekoprint Ukraine will start in the week to come; Danish officials will, giving the agreed plans, be present at the openings in 2022.
DANICO is very proud to be able to help a fellow Danish company in achieving an even bigger success in Ukraine, and happy to be able to contribute to continue to the future development of the city of Chernyakhiv and Ukraine.

All the very best to Mekoprint; and all the very best to the ongoing partnership between DANICO and Mekoprint!

Solar panel system – great potential for green energy

Green energy is very important for the whole planet.

That’s why DANICO LLC has taken the next big step into being an even greener company – today, we turned on our ~365 kWh solar panels system; 784 panels each of 465 W; placed on the roof of two of our industrial buildings!

It is our hope that we, during large parts of the year, will be able to run a substantial part of our production with little or in the very best case, no outside electricity usage.

As you might know, all heating at our premises, is done by the burning of biomass in our three heating-systems – so now we are getting even closer to our aim of being a truly green company.

Wishing you all a green, sustainable – and sunny summer.

New solar park for Danico LLC

The shareholders of DANICO LLC today have decided to initiate the investment for a solar panel system that would reduce the companies CO2 emission dramatically and contribute to our environmentally friendly profile.

The system – more than 300 Kw – will give DANICO LLC an even greener profile – and shows the commitment of the company and its shareholders to keep on investing in Ukraine and the city of Chernyakhiv.

Danico LLC provides laser cutting service

Danico LLC provides laser cutting service with a Swiss laser “Bystronic Byspeed 3015”. Due to the large power of 6 kW, we can work with rolled sheets up to 25 mm thick. and size 1500×3000 mm. Interchangeable tables offer high productivity and the minimum terms of production of orders.

Experienced staff and special software are able to ensure high quality and accuracy of laser cutting, timely execution of orders.

More at the link.

Official opening of our newesty 3.200 m² of production and assembly buildings

30th of October was the day when DANICO LLC turned into a mature Ukrainian-Danish Company - the ugly duckling became a real nice white swan.

With the present of both regional and local municipality, representatives of the Danish government, together with our Danish investors, DANICO LLC hosted the official opening of our newesty 3.200 m² of production and assembly buildings.
DANICO LLC now have more than 10.000 newly renovated m² under roof, close to 100.000 m² of land and a modern range of metalworking machines - not to forget 200 motivated employees.

The well-educated work forces at DANICO LLC now have even greater possibilities to perform their quality work. The products leaving this place are equal in quality to any European producers.

The investors put special attention to the experianence and quality of the workforce together with everyone else from DANICO LLC they are ready to serve new as well as existing clients.

2020 video of our production facilities and surroundings

During the last more than 20 years, DANICO has always strived to become a bigger and more value-adding client to our end customers.

It is with great pleasure and equal pride, the we do present you to the 2020 video of our production facilities and surroundings, now with more than 10.000 m2 under roof, 175 well educated workers and a machine park that is bigger and more universal than ever.

We are here, we are ready – and we will offer you the best of two World’s; giving you a premium quality at an affordable price – do you want to try it out as well?

Looking forward to seeing you in Ukraine or somewhere else – but please feel free to have a look at our video, it is absolutely safe.


Established since 2001, DANICO has now grown to be a strong and sustainable business.

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