New agreement for building between Danico LLC and Mekoprint Ukraine

Only three years after their first visit to Ukraine, the success of Mekoprint comes even more visible.

In the first days of September 2021, DANICO and Mekoprint has signed an agreement where DANICO will build and be the landlord of a NEW 3.600 m2 building, 800 m2 office and 2.800 m2 of production. The buildings will host Mekoprint further development in Ukraine and will be placed on the existing territory of DANCIO LLC, utilizing the infrastructure build by DANICO during the last 20 years in Chernyakhiv.

The work on the new premises for Mekoprint Ukraine will start in the week to come; Danish officials will, giving the agreed plans, be present at the openings in 2022.
DANICO is very proud to be able to help a fellow Danish company in achieving an even bigger success in Ukraine, and happy to be able to contribute to continue to the future development of the city of Chernyakhiv and Ukraine.

All the very best to Mekoprint; and all the very best to the ongoing partnership between DANICO and Mekoprint!


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