Solar panel system – great potential for green energy

Green energy is very important for the whole planet.

That’s why DANICO LLC has taken the next big step into being an even greener company – today, we turned on our ~365 kWh solar panels system; 784 panels each of 465 W; placed on the roof of two of our industrial buildings!

It is our hope that we, during large parts of the year, will be able to run a substantial part of our production with little or in the very best case, no outside electricity usage.

As you might know, all heating at our premises, is done by the burning of biomass in our three heating-systems – so now we are getting even closer to our aim of being a truly green company.

Wishing you all a green, sustainable – and sunny summer.


Established since 2001, DANICO has now grown to be a strong and sustainable business.

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